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The opposition welcomes the sending of a research mission to Venezuela by the UN

September 27, 2019

“The fall of Cuba and Venezuela will be the fall of the Berlin Wall of Latin America,” says Julio Borges


Julio Borges, the head of Foreign Affairs of the team of the self-proclaimed president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, has celebrated the decision of the UN Human Rights Council to send an investigation to Venezuela, underlining that this will allow those responsible for the abuses to Fundamental rights are judged.

At a press conference in New York, in which he has taken stock of the contacts held this week on behalf of Guaidó on the margins of the UN General Assembly, Borges has stressed that now “thorough investigations” will be made about violations of Human Rights exposed in the recent report of the UN High Commissioner on the subject, Michelle Bachelet.

With this, “at the time of obtaining the necessary evidence, judicial proceedings can be opened to those responsible,” he stressed, as reported by the Guaidó office in a statement. “Any person who is involved in Human Rights crimes will not only be denounced, they will be investigated and punished,” he added, stressing that “those responsible will not be saved.”

“That pressure from the free world is going to continue,” said Borges, who explained that in his contacts this week he has been able to confirm that “the free world understands that now a chapter of pressure on the dictatorship that allows for an outcome is opened “.

“The dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro has become increasingly toxic to the democratic world,” said the representative of Guaidó. According to him, “Maduro has no choice but to take refuge in Russia and Diosdado (Cabello) go to North Korea”, referring to the visit made by the president this week to Moscow and the one made by the president of the National Assembly Constituent and 'number two' of the PSUV to Pyongyang.

On the other hand, he has also referred to Cuba, a country against whose former president Raul Castro issued sanctions on Thursday the United States for “serious violations of Human Rights” in his country and in Venezuela.

“Cuba is a subsidized dictatorship, for decades the Soviet Union sustained it and since the arrival of Chávez it has survived by taking away the money of all Venezuelans,” Borges has denounced. “The fall of Cuba and Venezuela will be the fall of the Berlin Wall of Latin America,” he defended.

He also stressed that “it is not possible for Europe to be the sanctuary of Maduro and its surroundings, and those who have stolen the money of all Venezuelans.” “They should increase the sanctions on the hierarchy of the regime,” he said.

“The Venezuelan dictatorship has delivered and sold the country in exchange for political support,” he criticized, ensuring that “at the time of (Hugo) Chávez they took away $ 70 billion.” “Then Maduro concentrated the oil operation in several countries and gave our money to the Cubans,” he concluded.