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The opposition agrees to work together to prevent Johnson from forcing a Brexit without agreement

August 27, 2019


The opposition parties in the United Kingdom have agreed on Tuesday to work together to prevent the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, from ending by forcing a Brexit without agreement on October 31, for which they contemplate the approval of new laws.

The Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has chaired on Tuesday a meeting with deputies of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Scottish National Party (SNP), Change UK, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party, which the attendees have labeled “productive” in the statement issued at the end of it.

Attendees have agreed that Johnson “has been open to using non-democratic means to force (an exit) without agreement.”

In this regard, they have agreed on the “urgency of acting together to find practical ways to avoid (a Brexit) without agreement, including the possibility of passing legislation and a motion of censure,” they said. It is planned that there are “new meetings”, they have added.

Caroline Lucas, a member of the Green Party, has explained to the BBC at the end of the meeting that attendees agree that “the parliamentary way is the safest way to try to expand Article 50,” which activates the two-year process to Brexit, “get rid of the deadline of October 31 towards which the prime minister runs with more and more recklessness”.

For his part, SNP deputy Ian Blackford has argued that “Parliament must seize this opportunity, unite to prevent Boris Johnson from closing democracy and be willing to use all mechanisms to block a disaster of a non-agreement, including implementing legislation as a priority. ”

Plaid Cyrmu leader Adam Price has said that his party is “committed to working cooperatively with all other opposition parties and doing everything in our power to avoid catastrophic Brexit.”