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The National Mesa of Venezuela urges the EU to support agreements between the Government and minority parties

September 18, 2019


The National Bureau of Venezuela, composed of members of the Government and representatives of the opposition, has urged on Tuesday the European Union to support the agreements between the Government and minority parties.

“In this regard, we invite the European Union, through its European External Action Service and other institutions, to contribute positively to this effort and maintain the balance demanded by this historic moment,” the Venezuelan government said in a statement.

“We also hope that the European Union will support the peaceful paths of political solution agreed between Venezuelans and properly assess the results and disposition of the National Roundtable,” he reiterated.

This same Monday, the Government of Nicolás Maduro has announced an agreement with minority parties of the Venezuelan opposition to initiate a new dialogue after the failure of the Oslo and Barbados process with the main opposition, led by Juan Guaidó, which includes the return of the ' Chavismo 'to Parliament and the renewal of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

The agreement commits the Government of Maduro and Avanzada Progresista (AP), Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS), Soluciones para Venezuela and Soluciones y Cambiemos, small parties that became part of the opposition coalition Mesa de Unidad Democrática (MUD) and that broke with her for internal disagreements.

This pact establishes six points that will function as the starting point of the negotiating table, among which the incorporation of the fraction of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) into the National Assembly, attend the new CNE conformation and defend legitimate rights of Venezuela on the Essequibo as contemplated in the Geneva Agreement.

As reported by the AVN news agency, it was also agreed to reject the unilateral and coercive measures imposed by the United States against the country and demand that they be lifted and implement an oil and food exchange program.