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The leader of Hong Kong invokes an emergency law of the colonial era to ban masks in protests

October 4, 2019


The leader of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, has invoked an emergency law that has not been applied in more than 50 years in the former British colony to prohibit the use of masks by protesters who have been protesting against him for more than three months Chinese rule and in favor of democracy, the newspaper 'South China Morning Post' reported.

In an attempt to curb demonstrations against the dominance of Beijing, the head of the Hong Kong Government has invoked the Emergency Law to approve regulations that prohibit the use of masks in mobilizations since Friday and impose sentences of up to one year in prison and penalties of up to 25,000 Hong Kong dollars (2,900 euros) for those who skip the restriction.

The regulations, according to sources consulted by the newspaper 'South China Morning Post', will also apply to those who wear masks at meetings and rallies that are authorized by the local government.

The Hong Kong leader is scheduled to give a press conference this Friday afternoon to explain the reasons why she has decided to invoke the Emergency Law, a rule that has never been applied in Hong Kong in the last 50 years.

The decision of the head of the regional Executive comes the same week in which protesters have marred with their mobilizations the celebration of the day of commemoration of the seventieth anniversary of the People's Republic of China, on a day in which the police fired with real ammunition against protesters in Hong Kong, seriously injuring one of them.