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The largest indigenous organization in Ecuador declares the state of exception to the “brutality” of repression

October 6, 2019


The most important indigenous organization in Ecuador, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) has announced the declaration of the state of emergency in the face of the “brutality” of the repression of security forces in the face of protests against the “package” of measures of cut announced by the Government of President Lenin Moreno.

The organization “declares a state of exception in all indigenous territories (…) in the face of brutality and lack of awareness of the public force” to understand the protest of communities against economic measures, the Ecuadorian newspaper 'El Commerce'.

In addition, he has warned that he will apply the indigenous justice system to “military and police who approach indigenous territories” and has denounced the “insistence” of the Government to “advance over our territories with the exploitation of mining, oil and goods of the nature, destroying living environments and supporting the presence of companies with military forces. ” Thus, CONAIE has alerted the arrival of a “strong military contingent” to certain indigenous areas.

The state of exception is declared in the exercise of its “right of self-determination” and its “authority” for the administration of justice in the jurisdiction of peoples and nationalities, recognized in the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples and the Constitution of the Republic.

“Military and police who approach indigenous territories will be retained and subjected to indigenous justice,” warns the communiqué of the Governing Council of the indigenous organization.

The president of CONAIE, Jaime Vargas, explained that “we have called for indefinite national mobilization”. “Up to this moment we are mobilized in each of our territories but, very soon, all the towns will be mobilized at a national level towards the main point that is to reach the city of Quito,” he said.

Among the measures decreed by President Moreno, the elimination of fuel subsidies under the agreement signed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stands out. This elimination has caused a rise between $ 1.85 and $ 2.30 in the price of “extra” gasoline and between 1.03 and 2.27 in premium diesel fuel.

This suppression of the fuel subsidy “affects the whole of Ecuadorian society and deteriorates the living conditions and existence of the most vulnerable popular sectors of the country.”