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The Kremlin hopes that the content of Trump’s talks with Putin should not be disclosed

September 27, 2019


The spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dimitri Peskov, said Friday that he hopes that the content of the talks held by US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin should not be declassified and disseminated.

“The talk materials between heads of state are usually classified as reserved or secret. It is the usual practice. As a general rule, they are not published,” Peskov said Friday, referring to the White House's decision to declassify a transcript of the telephone conversation he had at the end of July Trump with the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski.

Peskov has said that, in any case, in the case of Trump's call to Zelenski, the dissemination of the transcript “has been made by mutual consent.” “We hope that in our bilateral relations (with the United States), in which quite serious problems abound, we will not reach that,” said the Kremlin spokesman, in response to the question of whether the Russian Government fears for the confidentiality of the talks between Putin and Trump.

Peskov has avoided ruling on the content of Trump's conversation with Zelenski on the grounds that it is “strictly” an “internal US issue.” “We do not intend to intrude,” he added.

Trump's controversial call to Zelenski, in which the US president asked the Ukrainian to do him a “favor” and do everything possible for the Attorney General to investigate Hunter Biden, son of former US vice president Joe Biden, has led to the Democrats to promote a procedure to initiate a process of impeachment against the current tenant of the White House.