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The Indians accept the offer of dialogue with the Ecuadorian Government to “repeal or revise” austerity plans

October 12, 2019


The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE), promoter of the protests that have shaken the country in recent days against the austerity plans of the Ecuadorian Government, has accepted the offer of dialogue to end the conflict as long as the talks are oriented only to the repeal or revision of the same, as it has made known this Saturday in a statement.

The origin of the protests is the economic reform announced by Moreno on October 1 as a result of the agreement reached with the International Monetary Fund to achieve an injection of 4.2 billion dollars for the country.

“After a consultation process with the communities, organizations, peoples, nationalities and social organizations we have decided to participate in the direct Dialogue with the president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, on the repeal or revision of decree 883”, they have published in their account Twitter, referring to the regulations that contain austerity measures, including the cut in fuel subsidies, which have helped the population.

“We value positively the public response given to the proposals presented by the indigenous movement and other social sectors,” according to the statement attached to the message, which includes a direct mention of the official account of the Ecuadorian president.

Likewise, CONAIE insists on the need for direct dialogue, but always with a view to revising or repealing the austerity decree, and warns that “no compensation” will be discussed in exchange for its approval to formalize the plans of austerity