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The Huthis announce an attack against Saudi deposits near the Emirates

August 17, 2019


Yemen Huthi insurgents have announced this Saturday that they have launched an attack with at least a dozen drones against sites in the Saudi town of Shayba, in the east of the country, according to the Masira TV network, aligned with the insurgents

Huthis usually make sporadic attacks against Saudi soil. It should be remembered that Saudi Arabia supports the legitimate Yemeni Government against the insurgents, who in turn have the support of Iran, in what is considered a “third party” war between Tehran and Riyadh, the two major regional enemies.

Among the facilities attacked are a refinery and a crude oil warehouse, according to the information, not yet confirmed by Saudi Arabia, which usually responds that these kinds of attacks have been repelled.

The place is operated by the state company Aramco and is close to the border with the United Arab Emirates.