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The Hong Kong government accuses protesters of throwing Molotov cocktails inside the subway

October 12, 2019

HONG KONG, Oct. 12 (Reuters / EP) –

Protesters participating in the protests convened this Saturday in Hong Kong have launched Molotov cocktails inside a subway station, that of Kowloon Tong, which according to the Government has suffered serious damage from an attack that, however, has not caused any injured.

Hundreds of people, mostly young people with their faces covered, demonstrated in the Kowloon area when incidents occurred inside the station. Riot troops have been deployed in this neighborhood to try to contain possible disturbances.

The subway, which carries five million passengers on a normal day, has been a recurring scene of protests since the demonstrations against the Carrie Lam Executive began in June, calling for democratic openness.

Hong Kong has remained in a relative calm since last weekend, when a peaceful march attended by thousands of people led to a cascade of clashes between protesters and police during the night. The promoters of the protests have not called large events for this weekend.

A small group has started this Saturday a two-day sitting in front of the headquarters of the Police, which they claim to be positioned on the side of the protesters and which they accuse of making excessive use of force and making arrests in a manner indiscriminate