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The dead are increased to 39 by the attack next to a hospital in southern Afghanistan

September 20, 2019

KABUL, Sep. 20 (Reuters / EP) –

At least 39 people have died and another 140 have been injured by the suicide bombing on Thursday next to a hospital in the Afghan city of Qalat, in southern Afghanistan, according to a new balance of victims confirmed Friday by regional authorities.

A spokesman for the Government of Zabul province, Gul Islam Syaal, has said that, except for two members of the security forces, the rest of the victims are civilians, “among them women, children, patients and visitors.” “The hospital is completely destroyed,” he lamented.

The Taliban, who have carried out attacks almost daily since the peace talks with the United States failed, have claimed that the objective was a headquarters of the National Security Directorate (DNS, the Afghan Intelligence agency) in Qalat.