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The “almost definitive” results in Israel keep Gantz two scans above Netanyahu

September 20, 2019


The latest results announced after Tuesday's parliamentary elections, which the Election Commission considers “almost definitive,” keep Benny Gantz's Blue and White coalition two seats above the Likud of acting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Central Election Commission has released the latest balance sheet this Friday morning, clarifying that data cannot already be considered closed to the extent that they must still be presented before the Israeli president, Reuven Rivlin. The final publication is scheduled for September 25.

In the absence of concluding the count in 14 polling stations and at the expense of a second analysis of 2,000 centers, the authorities grant Blue and White 1.1 million votes and 33 seats. The Likud is only 37,000 votes away, but the data translates into two fewer seats, according to 'The Jerusalem Post'.

Behind are the Joint Arab List, with thirteen; Shas, with nine; Yisrael Beitenu – whose leader, Avigdor Lieberman, appears as a key piece for the achievement of agreements – with eight; United Judaism of the Torah (UTJ), with eight; Yamina, with seven; the Labor Party, with six; and the Democratic Union, with five.

Gantz has announced that he will try to form a “government of liberal unity” under his leadership and has defended his right to lead the future talks, which at the moment does not include Netanyahu. The prime minister, meanwhile, has stressed that Israel “needs a government of unity as broad as possible.”