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The £1 which saved my life and found me love

December 8, 2017

This love story starts with a girl who collapsed on a Brighton street and a boy who took a bus using a borrowed £1 which would later save his life.

Simon and Becki lived in different corners of the country. They both had a stroke when they were young. They overcame disappointments and both had to learn to live with newly-acquired disabilities. Years later, they would meet by chance and fall in love.

Becki’s stroke: 2 February 2011

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Becki Cobb was 21 in 2011 and about to start her final term at university. She had just returned from a visit to Paris to see a friend and decided to walk to her part-time job at a clothes shop in Brighton.

“It was a beautiful sunny morning, but after 20 minutes I started to feel really light-headed. I had an apple in my bag, but as I tried to bite into it I dropped it and then fell onto my knees and I just couldn’t get back up.

“I felt like I’d fainted but I was conscious.”