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Small groups of protesters resume clashes with the police in Hong Kong

August 17, 2019

HONG KONG, Aug 17 (DPA / EP) –

Several small groups of protesters have resumed another weekend more clashes with the Hong Kong Police after separating from an authorized protest in the Kowloon district to start a series of skirmishes in front of a police station.

Protesters threw eggs and aimed at the police concentrated in the Mong Kok police station with laser pointers, an increasingly common tactic to prevent police cameras from identifying them with a view to possible arrest.

The skirmishes did not pass a crossroads of insults after the previous protest ran peacefully on a day that began with a march of teachers against violence, and a counter-demonstration in support of the Police.

One of Kowloon's protesters, Yoyo Wong, lamented the police conduit. “I think it is very important that we prevent the Hong Kong Police from using violence. As we can see in recent months, many protesters have been shot and this is illegal,” he told DPA.

Some protesters disfigured a series of pro-government symbols as they walked, and threw eggs at the headquarters of a political party related to the Beijing Government.