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Scheme expanded to plug the holes

August 30, 2018
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THE 457 visa was developed by the Keating Labor government in 1994to help multinational companies bring in executives on short-termcontracts while avoiding the red tape that obstructs most migrationapplications. (Sydney Morning Herald — 28 August, 2007)
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Government says it will not tolerate abuse of 457 visa program,amid new claims temporary foreign workers are being employed inconditions akin to slavery. (The Age — 19 hours ago)
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Opposition Leader ‘disgusted’ at reports foreign workers diedbecause employers abused visa scheme. (The Age — 20 hours ago)
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THE Philippine Government has called on Australia to modify its 457skilled visa scheme after the Herald exposed the illegal treatmentof immigrants, including two Filipinos who died in workplaceaccidents. (Sydney Morning Herald — 8 hours ago)
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