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Saudi Arabia will join the US naval force in the Strait of Hormuz

September 18, 2019

EL CAIRO, 18 Sep. (DPA / EP) –

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday that it will join the coalition for maritime security promoted by the United States in the Strait of Hormuz amid growing tension in the Gulf.

A head of the Ministry of Defense, cited by the state news agency SPA, has reported that the alliance will cover the sea routes of the Strait of Hormuz, Bab al Mandab, the Oman Sea and the Gulf.

Riyadh's decision has been taken to support efforts to “deter and address” threats to maritime navigation and world trade as well as global energy security, SPA has indicated.

The United States has been seeking allies for its naval mission, which seeks to protect commercial ships to ensure freedom of navigation and international trade, after Iran seized two foreign tankers in an apparent reprisal for the arrest by the Gibraltar authorities of a Iranian oil tanker in early July for allegedly transporting oil to Syria.

Tensions have increased in the region this week after the attack claimed by Yemeni Huthi rebels hit two major facilities of Saudi oil company Aramco. The United States and Saudi Arabia have held Iran responsible for the attack, but Tehran denies it.

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, will arrive in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to discuss the potential response to the attack with the Saudi authorities.