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Saudi Arabia confirms that Iranian weapons were used in the refinery attack

September 21, 2019

Threat with a “proper response” if it is shown that Iran attacked the refineries


Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al Yubeir said on Saturday that the attacks on September 14 against two Saudi refineries were carried out with Iranian weapons and warned that there will be an “adequate response” if Iranian authorship is confirmed.

“The attacks against (the Saudi state oil company) Aramco were carried out with Iranian weapons and for that reason we will hold Iran accountable for it,” Al Yubeir said at a press conference from Riyadh collected by Saudi Arabian television network Al Arabiya .

Al Yubeir has pointed out that these attacks also sought to harm the security of energy worldwide and that is why Riad maintains contacts with its allies and friends to decide what will be the next steps to be taken pending the outcome of the investigation of the attacks. .

“We are sure that the attacks do not come from Yemen, but from the North,” has riveted Al Yubeir while denouncing that “Iran recruits citizens of the region to use them against other countries.” Thus, he recalled that Saudi Arabia has never launched a missile, a drone and not a bullet against Iran.

The Iranian authorities have denied any involvement in the attacks and have denounced a network of lies woven by the United States, the first country to point to Tehran after the attacks. The Yemeni Huthi rebels, for their part, have insisted on their authorship and have defended their right to respond to the operations carried out in Yemen by the military coalition that leads Saudi Arabia.