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Salvini vetoes the entry to Italy of a German rescue ship with 110 migrants on board

August 27, 2019


Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has banned the entry into Italian waters of the German ship on Tuesday, supported by the NGO Mission Lifeline, which on Monday rescued some 110 migrants off the coast of Libya.

According to sources from his Ministry cited by the agency AdnKronos, Salvini has vetoed the entry, transit and supply in Italian waters of the 'Eleonore' and has transferred his decision to the ministries of Defense and Infrastructure and Transport.

It is not clear if, where appropriate, these ministries will oppose the orders of Salvini, as happened two weeks ago with the 'Open Arms', which finally landed the more than 80 migrants who were still on board by order of a fiscal. The ship of the Spanish NGO had entered Italian waters after the authorization of a court.

The captain and owner of the ship, Claus-Peter Reisch, said Monday that the rescue took place “at the last second”, since the boat, an inflatable boat, was already sinking. Reisch was already tried in Malta for a rescue operation carried out by the Lifeline, which is still held for irregularities.

The German NGO has explained in a statement that the first night on board has been quiet, although the lack of space on the ship, a motorized yacht, has forced rescued people to sleep on one another.

“We are waiting for a safe harbor,” Reisch said Tuesday in the statement. “I have asked the federal (German) Government to take care of it and I hope people can disembark soon,” he said. In a later message on his Twitter, he acknowledged that for now there has been no “positive response” from EU countries.