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Salvini receives “with stupor” the critics and alleges that, without his “firmness”, the EU “would not have moved a finger”

August 15, 2019


The Interior Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini, has received “with stupor” the criticism of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, and has argued that without the “firmness” in keeping the ports closed to the boats of the NGOs they rescue Migrants in the Mediterranean, the European Union “would never have moved a finger”.

Conte has issued a public letter Thursday to accuse Salvini of acting “unfairly” in the field of immigration policy and of blindly defending the blockade of ships such as that of the Spanish NGO ‘Open Arms’, which could not enter waters Italian until it was authorized by a court.

“I have been loyal and always will be in full respect of the institutional position and, above all, with the citizens I meet and who ask me to intervene,” said Salvini, who has responded to Conte with the same format and through From Facebook.

Thus, the minister has defended his work to reduce crime rates in Italy, “I confess my ‘fault’, dear president (of the Council of Ministers), my ‘obsession’ with combating any type of crime, also illegal immigration I am a minister to defend the borders, security, honor, dignity of my country, “he added.

Salvini has therefore denied that he can change his doctrine: “With me the ports are and will remain closed to the traffickers and their foreign accomplices.” He understands that, “without this firmness,” the EU “would never have moved a finger” and would have left the Italians “alone”, as it did in the years of (Matteo) Renzi and the PD’s rule.

The entry of the ‘Open Arms’ into Italian waters has triggered a new internal earthquake in the Coalition Government between the Salvini League and the 5 Star Movement (M5S). The M5S Defense and Transportation Ministers refused to sign Salvini’s challenge to a court order authorizing the entry of the Spanish ship.

Conte has announced that the governments of Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg and Romania have contacted the Italian authorities to be “willing” to welcome migrants and refugees traveling aboard the ‘Open Arms’.