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Rohani emphasizes that Ir “can’t” believe in a process of US talks as long as he doesn’t withdraw the sanctions

September 25, 2019

He states that “photography for remembrance is the last stage of negotiations, not the first”


The president of Iran, Hasán Rohani, stressed Wednesday that Iran “cannot believe in the invitation to talk” by the United States and has called for an end to the sanctions imposed by Washington as the only way to start negotiations.

In his speech to the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations, the president said that “Iran's response to any negotiation under sanctions is negative.” “If they want a positive response … the only way is to return to the commitments and fulfill them,” he added.

“Put an end to the sanctions to open the way to open negotiations,” Rohani has claimed. “I will make it absolutely clear: if you are satisfied with the minimum, we will convince ourselves with the minimum, for you and for us. If you want more, you must also pay more,” he argued.

“If you keep your word that the only demand from Iran is not to produce and not use nuclear weapons, that can easily be achieved through the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),” he said.

Thus, he reiterated that “photography for remembrance is the last stage of the negotiations, not the first,” while denouncing the “crimes and pressures” of the United States “against the lives of 83 million Iranians, especially women and kids”.

In this way, he has criticized that the United States “resorts to sanctions against a group of countries, such as Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, China and Russia” and has added that the application of these punitive measures “has become an excessive addiction” in Washington.

“The Iranian nation never forgets or forgives these crimes and these criminals,” said the president of Iran, who has ruled out talks with the United States under these measures, according to a transcript of his speech published by the Iranian news agency FARS.

In this regard, he said that “the position of the current US Administration is not only a violation of resolution 2231 – adopted by the UN Security Council to support the 2015 nuclear agreement – but a violation of the sovereignty of all countries of the world. ”

Rohani has also argued that the authorities of the Asian country complied for a year with all their nuclear commitments despite the United States leaving the agreement, before criticizing that “unfortunately there were only good words and no effective measures” by the countries Europeans to compensate for the situation.

“Iran's patience has a limit. When the United States does not respect a UN resolution and Europe demonstrates its inability, the only viable way is depends on national honor, dignity and power,” he said.