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Right man won ‘Dance’ title

August 23, 2018
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After a thrilling season of “So You Think You Can Dance,” the right person took home the prize. Joshua Allen, smile bigger than ever (especially without his braces), seemed more surprised than anyone that he actually won the prize. (MSNBC — 9 August, 2008)
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Let’s face it, the world can be an ugly place. But there’s nothing more beautiful than the dark and dreary set design that makes many movies depicting “the future” worth seeing. (MSNBC — 7 August, 2008)
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With reading time and disposable income at a premium, it’s time to rank those reads. Here are five of the magazine subscriptions I just can’t let lapse. (MSNBC — 8 August, 2008)
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Hollywood never seems to fail when it comes to bad ideas. George Lucas is planning “Indiana Jones 5,” Howard Stern plans to remake “Rock ‘n Roll High School,” and much more (MSNBC — 6 August, 2008)
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