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Protests in Lebanon Near U.S. Embassy After Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

December 10, 2017

In Lebanon, the security forces clashed with protesters who were trying to break through a roadblock to the American Embassy on the main road from Dbayeh, a coastal town, to Awkar.


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The protesters, bused in from around Beirut, included Lebanese and Palestinians. Some chanted, “Jerusalem is Arab! Palestine is Arab!” and other slogans. Many waved Palestinian flags and the flags of Lebanese parties, Arab nationalists and Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia and political party formed to fight Israel.

As the security forces confronted other protesters with batons, some retaliated by throwing rocks and glass bottles. One man drop-kicked an officer to the ground. Several people were injured after being hit directly by tear gas canisters, witnesses said. One man who said he had been hit by birdshot was seen bleeding from two places in his back.

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Lebanon is home to more than 500,000 Palestinian refugees, many of whom fled what is now Israel and the West Bank during the wars of 1948 and 1967 or are descendants of those who did.

They live under tight restrictions imposed by the Lebanese government, which has barred them from more than 30 professions as part of efforts to avoid normalizing their status in Lebanon.

There have been daily protests in the camps since Mr. Trump’s announcement, and Hezbollah has called for a larger demonstration in southern Beirut on Monday.

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