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Pressure From All Sides as Bush Visits China

August 15, 2018
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Plans for the presidents trip have been thwarted by Chinese objections, by security issues and by sensitivities that the administration opted not to upset. (New York Times — 5 August, 2008)
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With President Bush set to leave next week for the Olympics in Beijing, the White House is coming under increased pressure from lawmakers and advocacy groups to make a public statement of concern about the crackdown on human rights and freedom in China.

(Washington Post — 3 August, 2008)
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ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE, Aug. 4 — Three days before he is set to arrive in Beijing for the Olympics, President Bush offered a mixed assessment of China’s role in the world, praising its efforts to curb the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran, expressing disappointment about its recent move to…

(Washington Post — 5 August, 2008)
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BANGKOK, Aug. 6–Just before flying to Beijing for the opening of the Olympic games, President Bush plans a speech in the Thai capital that will include some of his bluntest language yet on human rights in China, saying that “America stands in firm opposition” to China’s detention of political di…

(Washington Post — 6 August, 2008)
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