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Postponed 48 hours the formation of the sovereign council that will govern Sudan at the request of the opposition

August 19, 2019


The formation of the sovereign council that will govern Sudan until bringing the country to the holding of democratic elections has been postponed 48 hours at the request of the opposition coalition, as announced by the Transitional Military Council on Monday.

As explained by the spokesman of the military junta, Shams al Din Kabbashi, this morning, the postponement has occurred after the alliance of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FLC), which brings together the main opposition groups, has Withdrawn some of the names he had submitted to be part of the aforementioned governing body.

“The Forces for Freedom and Change have withdrawn some nominees presented to the sovereign council and requested a period of 48 hours to deliver the final list of candidates,” said the spokesman, quoted by the 'Sudan Tribune'.

According to this media, a large number of professional organizations have protested the appointment of Taha Othman, one of the negotiators of the opposition alliance, stressing that its inclusion is contrary to the principle of non-participation agreed by the forces that make up the FLC.

Osman, who is a lawyer, declined Sunday night to participate in the sovereign council before the objection filed by several groups to his appointment.

According to 'Sudan Tribune', disagreements around appointments began with the refusal to appoint Mohamed Hasan al Taayeshi, as some members of the FLC considered that he did not represent Darfur, a region in the west of the country.

This led to another nominee, Fadwa Abdul Rahman Ali Taha, declining to be a candidate, arguing that the election of nominees should not be based on their representation of a particular region. Both Taayshi and Osman come from Darfur.

Representatives of the military junta that governs after the fall of President Omar Hasan al Bashir in a coup d'etat on April 2, and the opposition coalition signed on Saturday the formal documentation of an agreement reached on August 4 after months of prodemocratic protests.

Under the agreement, the sovereign council will consist of five military and five opponents plus a consensus civilian who will be the prime minister of a government in charge of guiding a transition stage to democratic elections.