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Participation falls slightly until 12.00 in the elections in Portugal

October 6, 2019


Participation in the general elections of Portugal has reached 18.83 percent at 12.00, almost two million voters, representing a slight drop of almost two percentage points compared to the last elections, held in 2016 (20 , 65 percent).

The Ministry of Internal Administration of the Portuguese Government has published the participation data, while the National Electoral Commission has emphasized that the day is going on within normality.

“The clarification requests received are framed within the norm of a peaceful election day,” said a CNE spokesman, João Tiago Machado, in statements collected by the Portuguese news agency Lusa.

The maximum abstention since the democratic restoration was recorded in 2015, when it rose to 44.4 percent, far from the elections to the 1975 Constituent Assembly (8.3 percent) or 16.4 percent of the First legislative elections, in 1976.