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Nokia Tries to Undo Blunders in U.S.

July 31, 2018
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The world’s biggest cellphone maker has seen its share of the U.S. market slide to 7 percent from a peak of 35 percent, but it is now trying to turn around. (New York Times — 19 October, 2009)
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Could the smartphone market spell the end of Nokia’s cell phone dominance? Competition, especially from the likes of Apple and RIM, is tough and expected to get tougher. (CNET — 16 October, 2009)
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PC companies have already stepped on Nokia’s smartphone turf, and now Nokia is taking them on in the Netbook market with the Booklet 3G. (CNET — 14 October, 2009)
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Nokias leading share of the cellphone market remained unchanged, but the company acknowledged that its lead in the smartphone market was slipping. (New York Times — 17 October, 2009)
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