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Nokia chases music, gaming market

July 30, 2018
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Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone maker, unveils an onlinemusic store, a gaming service and four new multimedia handsets. Mobile & Handheld Articles on Digital Life (The Brisbane Times — 31 August, 2007)
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Apple shares rose more than 5 per cent overnight on growingexpectations that the company will announce a revamped line ofiPods next week. (Sydney Morning Herald — 25 minutes ago)
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Nokia wants to be an Internet company and Google, according to speculation among bloggers and technology analysts, may be about to enter the mobile phone fray. (New York Times — 3 September, 2007)
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With Apple’s stronghold on the MP3 player market, Eli Harari is looking to mobile phones, which require more and more of SanDisk’s flash memory. (CNET — 31 August, 2007)
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