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Netanyahu would have violated Israel’s electoral law by giving several interviews and published poll data

September 17, 2019


The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, would have repeatedly violated the country's electoral law during the day by granting interviews to two broadcasters and posting poll data on their social networks.

Netanyahu has granted two interviews to the stations Galey Yisrael and Kol Hai despite the fact that section 129 of the Electoral Law prohibits it since the president of the Central Electoral Committee, Hanan Melcer, gave an express order to avoid these interviews during the day of the Parliamentary

This same body said on Monday that the prime minister had violated the electoral legislation by publishing poll results in the three days before the elections, as the newspaper 'Haaretz' has collected.

On the other hand, the social network Facebook has suspended the 'chatbot' on the official website of Netanyahu for publishing poll results, although it has reactivated it hours later, after the removal of the messages and a promise from the prime minister to end these publications.

Netanyahu has charged Facebook and alerted his followers that “they are trying to make them fall asleep.” “Tomorrow you could wake up with (Blue and White Party candidate Benjamin) Gantz sitting here,” he added.

“The 'chatbot' is our way of talking with our followers,” he complained. “I face a lot of pressures. Facebook does not face the pressures of the left,” he criticized, according to the Israeli newspaper 'The Jerusalem Post'.

In response, Facebook has highlighted that it works with electoral commissions around the world to ensure the cleanliness of elections and “help protect the integrity” of these processes.

In another order of things, the Central Electoral Committee has indicated that four voting centers in the Druze city of Yarka have been temporarily closed because of suspicions of fraud.

Police have indicated that several voters have tried to introduce several ballots at the same time at the polls. These centers have reopened three hours later, so they will be closed at midnight to recover lost time.

The polls predict practically a technical tie between Likud and Azul and Blanco, as happened after the elections last April, when they obtained the same number of seats. In order to form a Government, they must obtain the support of 61 of the 120 deputies that make up the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament.

After these elections, Netanyahu failed to forge a government coalition despite the fact that the right and religious bloc was the largest in the chamber, so he chose to dissolve the Parliament and take out the polls instead of allowing another candidate Try to form an executive.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said on Tuesday that he is determined to prevent this from happening again. “I will do my best according to the law and the powers guaranteed by my office so that Israel has an elected government as soon as possible and that we avoid another election campaign,” he said, according to DPA.