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Motion-powered phone charger sashays in

July 23, 2018
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Start-up M2EPower harvest the energy from human motion in a self-powering device that can give an additional charge to cell phones and other small gadgets. (CNET — 10 hours ago)
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Shai Agassi’s Project Better Place sees the future in electric cars; shareholder resolutions related to climate change grow; Masdar opens solar plant in Germany; Coskata goes through the ringer; John McCain casts doubt on clean tech; Clean Energy Summit i (CNET — 21 August, 2008)
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Under a still-not-final deal, Google would power a centralized search service on Verizon mobile devices and share resulting revenue, the Wall Street Journal reported. (CNET — 22 August, 2008)
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Federal government gives the merger its nod of approval, but Electronic Arts let its bid for Take Two expire earlier this week. (CNET — 21 August, 2008)
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