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More than a hundred detainees during the protests of the ‘yellow vests’ in Paris

September 21, 2019


The Prefecture of the Paris Police has reported that until 1 pm 106 people have been arrested in connection with the demonstrations of the 'yellow vests' in their Act XLV.

However, a spokeswoman for the Prefecture, Laetitia Vallar, has stressed that “calm reigns in the streets of Paris” despite some “spontaneous actions.” In any case he has indicated that they are being “cautious”, according to the French television BFM TV.

Some 7,500 police officers have been deployed on Saturday in the capital equipped with armored vehicles, explained the chief of the police, Didier Lallement. In addition, about thirty stations of the Parisian subway have been closed.

The 'yellow vests' have been concentrated in various parts of the city such as the Madeleine square, where the police have dispersed some 300 people called by the ATTAC citizen movement.

In total, the Police have carried out more than 1,250 controls in which petanque balls, a hammer, a mortar hidden in a DVD player, “weapons that have no place in authorized and peaceful demonstrations” have been seized.

In addition, this Saturday the mobilizations of the 'yellow vests' coincide with a demonstration called by the Workers Front against pension reform in Duroc and with a demonstration against climate change in the Luxembourg Gardens.

The mobilizations of the 'yellow vests' began in November 2018 to protest against the rise in diesel taxes and in December they reached their peak with protests against the repression of the demonstrations to the point that the president, Emmanuel Macron, announced a package of economic averages to improve the living conditions of the middle and working class.