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Maduro calls Duque for “false images of the ELN presented at the UN”

September 28, 2019


The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has called the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, “imbecile” in relation to the evidence presented to the UN by Colombia to demonstrate the link between Venezuela and the Colombian guerrillas among which there were photographs taken of guerrillas in Colombian territory.

“The idiot of Porky, the idiot of Iván Duque, went and presented a document and the photos are all false, as they have to be, because the guerrilla is a seventy-year-old Colombian phenomenon,” said Maduro.

“It is there, Iván Duque, that you have your country at war, your failed state, eight million displaced persons,” Maduro added during an act broadcast by Venezuelan public television, VTV, in which he accused the Colombian president of encouraging a armed conflict between the two countries to overthrow it. “Iván Duque really gives penita,” Maduro insisted, while calling Duque “king of false positives.”

Two of the photos included in the dossier delivered on Thursday by Duke to the UN as evidence of the presence of guerrillas in Venezuela were actually taken in Colombia. At least two of the photographs belong to the AFP news agency, which has confirmed that they were taken in Colombia.

At first, the Colombian Government confirmed the authenticity of the photographs, but later acknowledged that it was not clear about their origin and finally argued that they were “context” photos.