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Macron warns of an “ecocide” in the Amazon and calls for action

August 23, 2019


The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, has warned of the “ecocide” that is happening in the Amazon rainforest and has called for action, for example combating “industrial deforestation”, in a message that has also included warnings to his Brazilian counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro.

“The Amazon burns and is a matter that concerns the entire world because it is a source of biodiversity,” Macron told the Konbini news portal, one day after describing the increase in fires as a first-class “international crisis” and to include it in the agenda of the G7.

“It is often forgotten, the Brazilian president forgets it, that France is in the Amazon. The largest external border of France is between Guyana and Brazil,” added Macron, who has claimed his right to rule on an issue that has generated a public confrontation with Bolsonaro.

The French president has called to “mobilize the whole world” to reforest “as soon as possible” the forest, while calling for the development of “much more powerful” prevention mechanisms and stopping “industrial deforestation”. “We must find what I would call 'the good governance of the Amazon',” he added, immediately inviting NGOs and indigenous peoples to join this process.