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Macron expresses his condolences for the death of Chirac, symbol of a “diverse and complex France”

September 27, 2019


The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, has expressed his condolences Thursday for the death of former French president Jacques Chirac, who has died at the age of 86 at his home in Paris, and stressed that he knew how to represent France with his ” diversity and complexity. ”

“With great sadness and emotion I turn to you. Jacques Chirac has died. We, as French, lose a man of State whom we loved as much as he loved us,” Macron said, according to the Elysee in a statement.

The French leader has stressed that Chirac's more than 40 years of political life made him a “familiar face.” Thus, he has ensured that “whether you agree with his ideas or not, we all recognize each other in that man who held us together.”

“He was a leader who knew how to represent the nation in its diversity and complexity,” Macron said of the president, who led the country from 1995 to 2007, suffered a cerebral vascular problem in 2005 and, in recent years, the little that It has transcended him have been his hospital admissions.

Chirac, born in Paris in 1936, leaves behind a long political career that began in 1965 as councilor of Sainte-Féréole and that took him just two years later to national politics as a deputy of the National Assembly, a step prior to his incorporation to the Government in 1971.

“President Chirac represented a certain idea of ​​France. A France of which he has constantly monitored his unity and cohesion, and which he has protected from extremism and hatred. (…) A France that assumes its historical role of universal consciousness “, has underlined. “He was a great Frenchman,” he added.