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Johnson will unveil his final offer to the EU on Wednesday to reach an agreement on Brexit

October 2, 2019


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, will unveil his final offer to the European Union (EU) on Wednesday to reach an agreement around Brexit and maintain that October 31 is the final date for it.

The 'premier' will take advantage of his speech before the Conservative Party conference to reiterate that Brexit “can, should and will be done” on October 31, according to excerpts from the text disseminated by his office and collected by the British media.

“The voters are desperate for us to focus on their other priorities. What people want, both those who bet on the exit and those who want to stay, what all people want, is to turn the page,” he will say.

“That is why we will leave the EU on October 31. Let's make Brexit a reality,” said the British Prime Minister, as collected by the local television network ITV.

Johnson will also emphasize that “after three and a half years people are beginning to think they are being taken for stupid people.” “They are beginning to suspect that there are forces in this country that simply do not want Brexit to come true,” he says, according to Reuters.

Johnson arrived at Downing Street in July on the promise of taking the EU country out on October 31 “with or without agreement” in between. A month after that date, and despite a law that theoretically would force him to request an extension, the disorderly exit is still not ruled out one hundred percent.

The British Government has already requested two postponements of the departure date, initially scheduled for March. However, Johnson has warned by active and passive that he will not follow the same path as his predecessor, Theresa May, and that he is willing to fulfill the mandate arising from the June 2016 referendum at any cost.