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Johnson will ask for an extension of Brexit if there is no agreement before October 19, according to court documents

October 4, 2019

LONDON, Oct. 4 (Ruters / EP) –

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, will send a letter to the European Union requesting a postponement of the exit process if the parties have not ratified any agreement before October 19, according to documents sent by the Government to a court of Scotland.

Johnson would thus comply with the law passed in September in Parliament and aimed at avoiding a chaotic divorce on October 31. According to that text, the extension was inevitable if there was no agreement or express permission from Parliament for a hard Brexit before October 19.

A Scottish court is now examining a complaint from anti-Brexit activists who want to obtain a court order so that Johnson is doubly forced to comply with the law, after the Prime Minister has repeatedly shown his disagreement with a hypothetical third extension of the Brexit

The Government, in documents sent to said court, has confirmed that Johnson has assumed his obligation to send the letter, according to judicial documents collected by the BBC. The law even contemplates the text that should go in this letter, although it does not limit that there may be more letters even with contradictory messages.