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Johnson urges the EU to respond to his offer, which he considers a “big deal” in London

October 7, 2019

LONDON, Oct. 7 (Reuters / EP) –

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has urged the EU to respond as soon as possible to his offer to reach a new Brexit agreement, after London presented last week what he described as a “big transfer” to Try to approach positions.

The European Commission has expressed doubts about the proposal, but has not issued any formal response. “What I would like to hear now is what they think,” said the British 'premier' during a visit to a hospital outside London.

“If there are problems with any of the protests that we have presented, let's go into detail and talk,” added Johnson, who considers the offer raised to review the current safeguard with which to avoid a hard border between Ireland and North Ireland.

“What is the objection of the EU? What is your proposal?”, Has raised the head of the Government of the United Kingdom, who called for dialogue to close the agreement before the European Council that starts on October 17. If there is no agreement and Johnson does not request a new extension to the EU, the United Kingdom will leave the block without any agreement on October 31.