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Johnson says that the chances of an agreement on Brexit depend on the “common sense” of the EU

September 29, 2019


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, said Sunday that the chances of reaching an agreement with the European Union (EU) around Brexit depend on the “common sense” of the countries of the block.

“If they suspect or think that there is a realistic possibility that the United Kingdom can be maintained within the (EU), that clearly takes away much of our freedom to negotiate,” he said.

Likewise, it has ruled out to present before the Parliament the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated between the EU and its predecessor, Theresa May, as reported by the British television network BBC.

“The discussion about Brexit has been going on for too long,” he acknowledged, while defending that “the best way” to put an end to the “exacerbated moods” around the matter is to specify Brexit on October 31, date set for that purpose.

Johnson has also described as “deplorable” the recent threats against British parliamentarians following a heated debate in Westminster, following accusations against him for the language used during the session.

Wednesday's session was especially tense and there were exchanges of accusations about treason and abuse of power. Johnson repeatedly called the “surrender bill” an initiative to call for a further postponement of Brexit.

He also challenged the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to file a motion of censure, a measure that the Labor leader ruled out requesting until the government has asked Brussels to postpone Brexit.

In this sense, the British 'premier' has said that it is considered “a model of containment” and stressed that “everyone should calm down.” “Military metaphors are old and common in parliamentary terms,” ​​he defended.

On the other hand, he has rejected the accusations against him for an alleged favorable treatment of the American businesswoman and former model Jennifer Arcuri during his time as mayor of the capital, London.

The police are considering whether to open an investigation for malpractice around the case, although the British prime minister has stressed that everything he did is within the law. “I am proud of everything I did as mayor of London,” he has settled.