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Johnson says that London does not introduce & aacute; border checks “under any circumstances”

August 22, 2019


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday that “under no circumstances” the United Kingdom will re-introduce border controls with Ireland once Brexit occurs, while making it clear that it wants an exit agreement.

“I want an agreement and I think we can get a good agreement,” he declared upon his arrival at the meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, ensuring that he feels very “lively” after the meeting held the day before with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel “I know that with energy, creativity and dedication we can find a way out for all our businesses and citizens,” he added.

As regards what is currently the biggest obstacle in the negotiation with Brussels, the safeguard measure for the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland (the so-called 'backstop') has stressed that “under no circumstances will the United Kingdom impose controls of any kind at that border. ”

“We do not believe that it is necessary from the EU point of view to do so to protect the integrity of the single market,” he added, arguing that in his view “there are other ways of doing so.” “I think we have time so let's get to it,” he urged.

Johnson has again made it clear that the United Kingdom will leave on October 31 with or without agreement, because the British decided to do so in a referendum. “We want to make sure that on both sides of the Canal all the necessary work is done to ensure that with or without agreement our departure will be as smooth and less painful as possible for the citizens and businesses of both parties.”

For its part, Macron has stood firm in the position defended by Brussels and the other member states: there can be no new agreement. “I want to be very clear, in the next month we will not find a new exit agreement that deviates much from the original,” Johnson has warned.

However, he has been willing to work to avoid an exit without agreement. “Nobody is going to wait until October 31 without trying to find a good solution,” said the Gallic president.