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Japan believes that North Korea is developing missiles capable of penetrating its defensive system

August 27, 2019


Pyongyang seems to be developing projectiles capable of penetrating the defense system against ballistic missiles in Japan, according to the Japanese defense minister, Takeshi Iwaya, on Tuesday, after the latest tests conducted by North Korea.

At a press conference, Iwaya has pointed out that Japan believes that rockets are a new type of short-range ballistic missile. The recent short-range missile tests by Pyongyang have generated alarm in neighboring Japan even though US President Donald Trump has downplayed it.

The last of these rehearsals occurred on Saturday – there have been seven since July 25 – and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was present. According to the official North Korean agency KCNA, the leader witnessed a new “super large multiple rocket launcher.”

Iwaya has explained that his Ministry has concluded that the two ballistic missiles fired on Saturday are of a new type, after comparing them with previous ones, reports the television network NHK.

According to the minister, Pyongyang could seek to increase the secrecy and immediacy of its missile launches to complicate the detection of its signs, in addition to trying to improve its accuracy and ability to carry out surprise attacks.

Iwaya has said that Pyongyang may be looking to break defensive systems by developing missiles that travel at a lower altitude than normal and with an irregular trajectory. In this regard, he has assured that Japan will strengthen its missile defense system in order to respond to any threat.

Japan and the United States have Aegis destroyers deployed in the Japanese Sea armed with interceptive missiles capable of destroying missiles in space. In addition, Japan plans to build two Aegis land batteries in order to reinforce its protective shield.