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Islamic State in Afghanistan claims the attack on the wedding hall in Kabul

August 18, 2019


The Afghan section of the Sunni Islamic State terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack perpetrated last Saturday at a wedding hall in Kabul, according to a statement collected by the SITE jihadist activity monitoring portal.

On the same note, Islamic State-Jorasán says that some 400 people have died or were injured in the attack, a figure substantially higher than the 63 fatalities confirmed so far by the Afghan authorities, although the organization is known to exaggerate, with propaganda purposes, the balance of the dead in their attacks.

The terrorist organization describes the victims, of Shiite confession, as “heretics.”

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the room was full of guests and videos posted on social networks show women screaming in front of the room and other people shocked after the explosion.

The Taliban insurgency had denied hours before all responsibility in this attack, which occurs in full peace talks between the guerrillas and the United States.