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Iraq Takes Aim at Leaders of U.S.-Tied Sunni Groups

June 30, 2018
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Iraqs Shiite-dominated government is driving out many leaders of Sunni citizen patrols, which have been a major pillar in the decline in violence. (New York Times — 22 August, 2008)
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BAGHDAD, Aug 19 — Iraqi security forces raided the governor’s office in restive Diyala province Tuesday, killing an official and injuring four guards. A Sunni provincial council member and the Sunni president of Diyala University were also arrested, prompting accusations of sectarian bias on the…

(Washington Post — 21 August, 2008)
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Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki ordered an investigation into a violent government raid that left one provincial official dead and another under arrest. (New York Times — 20 August, 2008)
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The bombing was one of the largest in and around Baghdad in recent months, a period in which attacks have fallen significantly from their peak in 2007. (New York Times — 10 hours ago)
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