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Iraq asks seven EU countries two million dollars a year for each jihadist who judges in their territory

October 2, 2019


The Iraqi government has claimed from seven countries of the European Union – France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium – two million dollars a year for each jihadist combatant that judges in its territory, as reported the Belgian magazine 'Knack'.

Baghdad wants European countries to cover the costs of food, medical, personal supplies, as well as the costs of surveillance, investigation and judicial, estimated at “two million dollars per suspect per year,” according to the proposal document , made on March 2.

The Iraqi Government also clarifies that another 100 million dollars must be added to guarantee “a fortified prison with an area of ​​250,000 square meters, suitable for the imprisonment and trial of 2,000 prisoners.”

In addition, Iraq also demands compensation for the destroyed regions and victims of terrorist operations of $ 10 million for every Islamic State militiaman. “The payment of that compensation must begin immediately, for a volume of 10 million for each Islamic State terrorist transferred to Iraq,” says the document, to which the Belgian magazine has had access.

US President Donald Trump has been pressuring the EU and NATO countries for months to take over the jihadist fighters of European nationality who are still detained by Kurdish forces in Syria and have even threatened to free them if they do not .

The Belgian agency that coordinates the threat analysis (OCAM) estimates that 294 Belgian fighters who went to combat Syria and Iraq are still in the area, of which 151 are probably already dead and barely have information on another 88 fighters, although it is considered that “a small part” remain in Idlib.

The Belgian authorities are aware of the case of three men detained in Iraqi prisons, while another 52 adults (35 women and 17 men) are detained or in refugee camps under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces and number 171 minors who have links with Belgium and remain in the conflict zone, 68 of them in Syrian refugee camps.