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Iran threatens to attack US targets within 2,000 kilometers

September 15, 2019

DUBAI, Sep. 15 (Reuters / EP) –

An Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander has threatened to attack the bases and aircraft carriers that the United States has within a radius of less than 2,000 kilometers and has warned that “Iran is always ready for a total war.”

“Everyone should know that US bases and their aircraft carriers located at a distance of less than 2,000 kilometers are in the range of our missiles,” said the head of the Aerospace Force of the Revolutionary Guard, Amirali Hajizadé, according to the agency Tasnim

Hajizadé has not alluded in his statements to the drone attacks on Saturday against oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, for which the United States has directly held Iran responsible instead of the Yemeni rebels.

“Amid calls to reduce tension, Iran launches an unprecedented attack against the world's energy supply. There is no evidence that the attacks come from Yemen,” said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.