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Iran approves a law that allows married women with foreigners to transmit their nationality to their children

October 4, 2019


The Iranian Guardian Council approved a law on Wednesday that allows women in the country married to foreigners to transmit Iranian nationality to their children.

So far, Iran was one of 25 countries that did not allow Iranian women in that circumstance to transmit their nationality to their offspring, which left the children of these marriages living in a limbo. In addition, Iranian nationality is transmitted from parents to children.

The NGO Human Rights Watch has considered that the new law, approved by the Iranian Parliament in May, will benefit, above all, children born to women married to the large number of Afghan refugees and migrants living in Iran. It is estimated that three million Afghans live in Iran.

The Council, which must endorse all laws, had previously opposed the measure referring to security reasons and required changes in it that would allow the background check of the children's foreign parents, as local media have recalled.