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IBM launches ‘Green Sigma’ business consulting

June 23, 2018
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Using sensors and software, IBM’s consulting crew will help businesses reduce their energy and water use as part of efficiency and “green business” programs. (CNET — 19 August, 2008)
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Home heating oil hell; continued worries about the power grid; T. Boone Pickens expands his natural gas empire; Southern California Edison buys 900 megawatts of wind; a preview of Tom Friedman’s book on clean tech; the clean-tech start-up death watch begi (CNET — 20 August, 2008)
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Shai Agassi’s Project Better Place sees the future in electric cars; shareholder resolutions related to climate change grow; Masdar opens solar plant in Germany; Coskata goes through the ringer; John McCain casts doubt on clean tech; Clean Energy Summit i (CNET — 21 August, 2008)
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IBM will equip data centers around the world to let customers access cloud-based computer services in the event service disruptions take down their networks. (CNET — 20 August, 2008)
+ related stories to invest in enhanced geothermal system start-ups–AltaRock and Potter Drilling–and gives grant to study the potential of renewable geothermal energy. (CNET — 20 August, 2008)
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