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humans helping the search machine?

June 21, 2018
Related News about Google’s translation center: humans helping the search machine?

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The search giant appears ready to launch a service to help people get documents translated. Might the service also help train Google’s machine translation technology? (CNET — 5 August, 2008)
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A new browser cookie lets advertisers control how frequently an ad is shown and lets advertisers better measure the effectiveness of ads that aren’t clicked. (CNET — 4 hours ago)
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The search company is upgrading its Google Search Appliance with more capacity and some improvements for administrators and users of the in-house search system. (CNET — 6 August, 2008)
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Google and Yahoo aren’t the only ones that plant to tweak their search engines to highlight Olympic results. Microsoft said it too, will feature Olympic results on its celebrity, news and video search results. It’s part of a bigger companywide bet on the (CNET — 4 hours ago)
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