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how death weighs on patrolling soldiers

June 20, 2018
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IN the dusty desert plains of Tarin Kowt, about an hour’s flight byHercules south of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, Australian soldiersare under constant attack from Taliban fighters with AK47s androcket-propelled grenades. (Sydney Morning Herald — 1 September, 2007)
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AUSTRALIA may need to review its continuing deployment inAfghanistan if the Netherlands decides to withdraw its troops, theDefence Minister, Brendan Nelson, has said. (Sydney Morning Herald — 3 September, 2007)
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CAPTAIN Katie Jugowitz had been in southern Afghanistan threemonths when the convoy of armoured vehicles in which she wastravelling was hit by a suicide bomber detonating a roadside bomb. (Sydney Morning Herald — 2 September, 2007)
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