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Hong Kong teachers take to the streets to join the protests against the regional Executive

August 17, 2019


More than 22,000 teachers in Hong Kong, according to the organization – 8,300 according to the Police – have challenged a downpour to join the protests against the Executive and his controversial proposed extradition law.

“This is the first time that teachers join a march led by educators themselves. Young people and students are our future. We need to go out and protect them,” said the president of the Professional Teachers Union, Fung Wai Wah.

The march, which has had the permission of the Police, has passed without incident despite the extreme tension prevailing in the territory, reports the 'South China Morning Post'.

Yesterday, thousands of students belonging to a dozen institutes and universities concentrated in the city center with the intention of asking for help from the United States and the United Kingdom in their protests to ensure judicial independence of the territory from China.

The concentration in Chater Garden was the prolegomenon of what could be a new weekend of clashes between police and protesters, with several additional protests that will require the total suspension of the controversial bill and the creation of an independent commission to investigate cases of police violence reported since the beginning of the protests at the end of March.

This next Saturday will host another popular one from Hung Hom to To Kwa Wan and on Sunday another march will take place, from the organization of activists of the Civil Front for Human Rights, contrary to Beijing. A concentration of police supporters is also expected.