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Hong Kong activists ask the US Congress to pass a law to combat human rights abuses in the region

September 18, 2019

WASHINGTON, Sep. 18 (Reuters / EP) –

A group of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong has urged the United States Congress to pass a law to combat human rights abuses in the special Chinese administrative region.

“This is not a request for foreign interference to occur. It is a request for democracy,” said Hong Kong activist and singer Denise Ho.

“Beijing cannot have both: it cannot gain the economic benefits of Hong Kong while eradicating our socio-political identity,” said Joshua Wong, general secretary of the Demosist party and influential activist.

The territory ruled by China has been shaken in recent weeks by a series of protests in favor of democracy seen as independentistas by Beijing. Hong Kong returned under Chinese sovereignty in 1997 thanks to an agreement with the United Kingdom whereby China pledged to maintain the regime of rights and freedoms enjoyed by the territory during colonial rule, which resulted in the beginning of “a country , two systems. ”

According to health authorities, at least 18 people were injured on Sunday, three of them seriously. Nearly 1,400 people have been arrested since the demonstrations began last June.