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Heads dumped in Mexico bar

June 16, 2018
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Armed men dump five human heads in a crowded Mexican bar, in an apparent warning to a rival drug gang. (BBC News — 7 September, 2006)
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The bodies of six men who had their throats cut were recovered outside the same central Mexican city where gunmen tossed five severed human heads onto a bar dance floor, authorities said Saturday. (International Herald Tribune — 11 hours ago)
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In a horrifying show of brutality, gunmen barged into a bar in central Mexico early Wednesday and tossed five human heads on the dance floor, after covering patrons with their weapons, officials said. (CNN — 8 September, 2006)
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Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon canceled an event in his central home state of Michoacan on Friday amid raucous protests by supporters of his rival, election runner-up Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexican news media reported. (International Herald Tribune — 9 September, 2006)
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