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Guterres calls to be ambitious in the face of climate change: “The highest price is to do nothing”

September 23, 2019


The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has demanded that governments not be afraid to be ambitious when dealing with climate change and reminded them that their “entrance ticket” to speak at the Climate Action Summit which is celebrated this Monday in New York is “a concrete action”.

During his speech in the plenary session, the secretary general has said that this is not a summit to speak, because world leaders have already spoken “enough”, nor to negotiate “, because” it is not negotiated with nature. ” it is a climate summit for action, “he stressed.

Guterres has insisted on the claim of young people to governments because of the fact that the generation of current world leaders, in their opinion, has not assumed “the responsibility to protect the planet.” “The emergency is a race that we are losing but we can win it,” said the secretary general, who says there are tools and technology to solve more than 70 percent of global emissions.

In this context, he recalled the “undeniable and irrefutable” science of the IPCC, which warns that an increase of more than 1.5ºC will lead the ecosystems to “irreversible damage”, but trusts that “it is not too late” but that “It is still possible.”

To do this, he has demanded a deep “transformation” on earth that allows a “fair globalization, with more justice and harmony between peoples and the planet.”

“Everything has a price, but the highest price is to do nothing,” Guterres has warned that he has questioned the model of subsidizing fossil fuels, continuing to build coal plants or other ways to contribute to pollution with taxpayers' taxes. , because to get out of the hole of climate change, in his opinion, we must stop digging with measures such as, among others, recovering the green fund for the climate that mobilizes 100,000 million dollars annually from developed countries by 2020.

“I urge a global transformation of finances that are compatible with carbon neutrality,” demanded the head of the United Nations, who wants the New York meeting of the momentum needed to implement the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

He has also invited countries not to have “fear of being ambitious” or to impose “more pressure, or to remember again and again what the reality of the situation is”, because science ensures that at the current rate, in the end of century the global average temperature of the planet will increase 3 degrees Celsius.

“I do not want to be complicit in the destruction of your own home. I will not be a silent witness to the crime of condemning the future. Our obligation is to do everything possible to end the climate crisis,” he concluded.